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Six Zero Pickleball Discount

Six Zero promotions and coupon codes for discounts on pickleball paddles and gear

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Are Six Zero the best paddles and why are they so highly regarded?

Engineered in Australia, Dale the owner of Six Zero was the first to come up with a truly unique paddle shape, utilizing the best materials and manufacturing technique. In speaking to Dale directly, he believes in continuous improvements has is one of the first companies to solve the delamination issue with The paddle has gone through several iterations of improvements since the beginning of 2023 such as improved manufacturing techniques, optimal autoclave temperatures, additional reinforcements in strategic locations, improved cores.

What is the difference between the Six Zero Black Diamond Power and Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control?

The key differences between the Six Zero Black Diamond and Six Zero Double Black Diamond is the surface materials used. The Six Zero Black Diamond is made of a proprietary raw composite (Fiberglass, Japanese Toray T700 Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass) sandwiched material whereas the Six Zero Double Black Diamond is made of 3 layers of Japanese Toray T700 Carbon Fiber.

Which is the Best Pickleball Paddle for me?

I highly recommend the Six Zero Double Black Diamond for most players. The 14mm paddle is excellent for those that need a paddle that is quick to maneuver at the kitchen line for fast hand battles. The 16mm Six Zero Double Black Diamond for precise control as it more forgiving than the 14mm variant due to a larger sweetspot. For those that are looking for the absolute best power paddle, I recommend the 16mm Six Zero Black Diamond Paddle. This paddle is a beast for those that play singles and is no slouch in doubles.

Which is the most powerful pickleball paddle (legal)?

There are several true power paddles on the market. In 2022 before thermoforming, 14mm paddles were marketed as power paddles whereas the 16mm paddles were labeled as control. This no longer holds true as new materials and manufacturing techniques have improved. The 16mm Six Zero Black Diamond Power uses thermoforming and a proprietary raw composite blend and is truly the best power paddle on the market. While you may have also researched and heard of the Selkirk Power Air and ProKennex Black Ace, the Six Zero Black Diamond is best in class in price, power, control, and spin. Priced at only $162 after discount vs $250 for the Selkirk Power Air and ProKennex. All 3 paddles generate about the same amount of power but the key difference is the Black Diamond has the grittiest surface that generates the most spin. The surface is extremely durable as well that will outlast it’s competitors.

What is the best Six Zero Pickleball Paddle Discount Code?

Every Six Zero pickleball ambassador discount code is created equal. Save with my exclusive coupon code NGIAM10 or use this discount link

Should I buy a used paddle on Facebook or eBay?

The answer is maybe, one tip is to make sure you get a picture of the side with a serial number to get a good grasp of how old the paddle truly is. The first 4 digits represent the year manufactured the next two the month. i.e. 202305XXXX. The paddle also typically takes a month to land in the USA after manufacturing. If today is October 2023 and the seller claims the paddle is only 1 month old, I would shy away from buying that paddle. In this scenario, the paddle is 4 months old as Six Zero paddles are hardly in stock and would have left their warehouse almost immediately after arriving. It would likely be in the sellers possession no later than June or early July (at worst). Also, buying a used paddle online can be a hit or miss or it’s condition and one thing to keep in mind is a used paddle will not come with a warranty. As mentioned above, Six Zero paddles have gone through extensive improvements overtime and the older paddles will not have the latest updates. As of June 2023, Six Zero paddles came with an updated core that truly solves the delamination issue.

Is the $99 Sale on Six Zero Double Black Diamond and Six Zero Black Diamond Paddle true?

If you heard recently that Six Zero Pickleball had a $99 blowout sale on their Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond, it is true. However, it may have been a one off occasion or extremely rare event as this was just before them growing out of the shipping facility in Utah and need to offload their blemished/returned paddles. They had them listed for $109 and sold out within minutes. It has only happened once and wasn’t able to snag one up myself.

Are there any new Six Zero Paddles coming out?

Six Zero announced there are 3 new paddles coming out at the end of the year 2023. However, details are vague aside from the code names “Infinity” and “Jade”. Come check out this FAQ for more updates.

What is the Six Zero Double Black Diamond Infinity?

The Six Zero Infinity Series of paddles will launch on November 10th commencing with the Double Black Diamond Edgeless Infinity Paddle. The DBD Infinity has a 16mm polypropylene core, a unibody design with a 700K Toray carbon face with an infinity edge. The paddle is thermoformed and incorporates Six Zeros patent pending infinity edge technology. The Infinity Series has been under development for over 12 months to refine the carbon infinity edge composite technology to ensure peak performance.

Key features and attention to detail include:

Six Zero has again shown it is a leader in bringing new technology and innovation to the market. The success of our products comes down to the attention to detail and time invested in developing each product and manufacturing process. And to top it off our Infinity Paddles are the sexiest paddle on the market - a work of art!